We are a small reality with a big love for cannabis culture.

Due to this passion and our great working connections and thanks to a long experience within Us, Mexico, Swiss, Spain and Morocco we modeled our own expression of breeding.

A big part of our work is focused on resin expression and terps exclusivity. We constantly looking for the perfect blend of this two elements to bring a wild exotic wave on the table.

Our genetics are a multi awards worldwide winner.

We won 7 cups at the Cosecha Cup 2018, we did first place at Icmag420 and second at Master Of Rosin 2019, second at Ego Clash 2019 and first place at Expo Valencia 2019, we won 3 cups at the Cosecha Cup 2019, 4 different first places at Home Grow Cup Tillsburg Holland 2020.

We have a clothing line with graphics made by the hottest street artist in town.